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What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting. Imagine if servers going down due to one customer suddenly hogging all the resources was no longer possible. CloudLinux is making rock hard hosting stability a reality.
We used to accept that servers will go down during heavy resource spikes and you deal with it by being responsive. CloudLinux does it better by isolating and controlling resource spikes to prevent entire servers going down. That means less support calls and less time tracking down and suspending accounts.


  • Tenant Isolation – All tenants on the server are isolated from each other so if one goes down everyone else is still safe and stable.
  • Resource Limits – CloudLinux utilizes a kernel level technology to set resource limits per tenant. This ensures a tenant can never use more than the resources given to them.
  • Application Resource Limits – Set individual limits for your blog, applications, and your website so that a sudden spike to one will not take down the rest of your properties.
  • Easily Convert From CentOS and RHEL - Converting from CentOS or RHEL takes 5-10 minutes utilizing yum. Immediately puts your customers into isolation for better stability.
  • Commercial Support – Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. It’s free of charge and so is our helpful forums.
  • Fast Security Patch Releases – Security patches are released fast to keep you and your customers safe.

What is Lightweight Virtual Environment Technology or LVE?

LVE is an isolation technology that increases server density, stability and reliability. LVE limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O and memory) available to a specific process or customer. It is a lightweight and transparent shell. LVE wraps the accounts on a shared server to give hosting providers control over CPU resources.

What Can LVE Do?

  • Give hosting providers control over CPU resources (I/O and memory limits to be released)
  • Prevent individual accounts from slowing down or taking down a server
  • Protect servers from unpredictable issues that drain resources for other tenants
  • Increase density so you can host more tenants on one server
  • Identify accounts that are over-using resources so you can address their needs
  • Lower risk and increase efficiency on shared servers
  • Improve server performance

NEW! SecureLVE

CloudLinux has just announced the release of SecureLVE. SecureLVE extends LVE isolation to users with a virtualized file system. The file system will separate each user into its own environment, preventing one user from seeing any other users on the server. This creates a new level of security, making it much harder for hackers to attack, deface, or steal data from the shared web server. Check out the official announcement.

LVE Wrappers

LVE Wrappers are based on Lightweight Virtual Environment technology and allow you to manage resources at the application level. Now CloudLinux can let you control server resources like Mail, MySQL and Apache within the server. Check out the official announcement or read the blog.

What’s in it for Me?

Whether you are a shared hosting provider or a datacenter, CloudLinux delivers better efficiency and stability to drive a more profitable operation.

Benefits for both shared hosting providers and datacenters

Shared hosts

  • Increase the number of accounts per server, reducing hardware, electricity, data center space and management costs
  • Our proprietary isolation technology prevents any single site from hogging resources or taking down a server
  • Improved security reduces outages and means less support time spent managing down servers
  • 24/7 support means you get help fast, when you need it


  • Provide your customers with a well tested, commercially supported and maintained OS
  • Better security reduces churn and the costs associated with security support issues
  • Drive extra revenue via upsell to commercially supported distribution that was optimized for web
  • Complete support means you just submit a ticket to CloudLinux and let us find the answer for you
  • CloudLinux was fine tuned to work well with most popular control panels
  • Fully tested for reliability
CloudLinuxServer OS
Superior Server Stability
Better Server Efficiency
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CloudLinuxServer OS
Superior Server Stability
Better Server Efficiency
Get Started Quickly
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