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VPS Hosting

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If you are running busy websites, with an ever growing number of visitors, hits and downloads, but cannot afford a dedicated server solution to accommodate the increased load, then you could consider our new cost-effective VPS hosting plans. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) ensures an insulated hosting environment, with all the crucial resources you will find on a dedicated server like - CPU, RAM, disk space and traffic, allocated to you exclusively.

On a VPS server you have the freedom to operate independently of the other users on the same physical machine. You can choose an operating system and, thanks to the root server access you are given, you can install your own software configurations. Your VPS hosting plan includes the HyperVM Control Panel, which allows you to reboot your server at any time, monitor resource usage and keep track of traffic statistics.

In case you need assistance in managing your VPS, you could try our optional administration services, including weekly backup and OS updates, server monitoring and rebooting, custom software installation, script troubleshooting, etc. All these upgrades are offered at signup and from your VPS Plan Manager.

What is a Virtual Private Server

The Virtual Private Server refers to a virtualization technology which enables one physical server machine to be partitioned into several virtual machines. Each of them can have its own operating system and can be managed without any interaction with the other virtual servers.

Why sign up for a VPS hosting service?

The VPS hosing service is similar to the common shared hosting services - all the users share the cost of the server maintenance, which makes the VPS web hosting solution less expensive than the dedicated server hosting solution.
The VPS hosting service has one main benefit over the common shared hosting services. With the VPS hosting service the customers have nearly all the freedom and power of the dedicated hosting service. This is possible because every virtual machine has its own operating system and works independent of the virtual machines of the other clients. The user is able to install various types of software packages and software versions, to change the operating system and to host unlimited websites and domains.
Because VPS services have an excellent price/quality ratio, they are suitable for both small business and big company websites, and also for e-commerce solutions.
Also, the VPS service is offered with various Control Panel tools and with different packages of management services.

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